***Hands down, Sonya was the best decision we made for our wedding. We hired Sonya to be our day of coordinator and florist. It's hard for me to even know where to start this review because she was SO AMAZING at both. With regard to day of coordination, Sonya was impeccable. Nothing slipped through the cracks! My guests and bridesmaids kept commenting on how smoothly everything was running and how beautiful everything looked (all Sonya!). She was able to organize our large and rambunctious bridal party with ease (and humor! and kindness!). And although Sonya was amazing on the day of, she was a lifesaver the month leading up to wedding. Unlike many day-of-coordinators who only work with you on the day of your wedding, Sonya works with you the entire month leading up to your wedding!! She communicates with all vendors, develops an incredibly detailed timeline, picks up any special items you want for the reception, assists with seating chart, and so much more. I could go on and on! Now with regard to flowers, I can honestly say there is not one single thing I would change about our flowers. I booked Sonya as our day-of-coordinator before I booked a florist and I was talking with her about how discouraging the florists were!! Everything was so expensive and I was told left and right that we wouldn't be able to get what we wanted within our budget. Well, in comes Sonya! She told me that she works closely with a florist and would work within my budget to create the exact look I wanted. The flowers she delivered far exceeded my expectations. I showed her pictures from Pinterest and she gave me almost exact replicas. I had big full peonies, gorgeous tall arrangements, tons of beautiful candles, and it all fit in with the whimsical romantic look I was going for. About a month before the wedding, I met with her at her studio and she showed me exactly how she planned to set up the ceremony and reception. She showed me tons of different options and I left feeling like "wow, she's got this!" I'll end with this because this review is already really long...at the end of our wedding my dad, who is really quiet, said "That Sonya is worth her weight in gold. She's amazing!" I would recommend her to anyone and re-hire her in a minute. Thank you, Sonya, for making our day so incredible!! - 6/24/17 Natalie M

***Words cannot express our gratitude for Sonya. Over the past few months, Sonya became another member of our family. She truly made our wedding into a fairytale come to life. We gave her our ideas and she executed them to an extent that we could not have even dreamt. It was absolutely the perfect wedding because of her. While we only hired Sonya for day of coordination, she helped us throughout the entire process. She was involved in every detail — from tastings to table seating. She is thorough, detail-oriented and best of all has the biggest heart. She works within your budget and tries to help you save wherever she can, often using her own materials. She decorated our mehndi event, made our garlands, met with all of our vendors, the list goes on and on…All of our vendors raved about her as well! There is just so much more to say about this amazing woman but I hope that every bride has a planner like Sonya because she will literally make your dreams come true. I wish Sonya could coordinate the rest of my life for me because she truly is that good!!! - 4/7/18 Sarah H

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​​​​​​***I love Soya! From start to finish she was AMAZING! From the first time I met her I was treated like a friend of hers. We started off with a consultation, so that we would both be on the same page when it came to colors, sizes , types of flowers, decor etc.. From there she knew exactly what I was going for and nailed it. My bridal bouquet was stunning, I was absolutely in love with my bridesmaids bouquets! and flower girls headpieces. Sonya was a pleasure to work with and I definitely will be recommending her to everyone! I seriously can not thank her enough! -6/23/18 Nahrain

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***From the day that I met with Sonya at Starbucks I was impressed, she was so organized with her entire setup and not once during our initial meeting did I feel pressured to hire her. She genuinely wanted to give me her feedback and advice and allowed me to make my decision based off my needs. Sonya is so calm and collected and you just feel so comfortable knowing that she is handling everything. I was blown away by how Sonya and her assistant executed my vision for my ceremony and reception, it was done exactly how I envisioned it and maybe ever better. You know it was money well spent when your husband at the end of night tells you that the coordinator was FANTASTIC and would pay double the money if needed.- 05/15/18  Samantha 

***We hired Sonya as our wedding day planner for our recent wedding at Salvage One and it was one of the best moves we made for our wedding. Initially, my wife and I were hesitant to hire a day of planner, but we are so grateful we did. Sonya was there from the moment we hired her to answer any questions we had, step in where needed, and helped us develop a game plan for our wedding day. Looking back, this is something both my wife and I would have never been able to do as well as her. She also stepped in and did things you wouldn't expect from a day of planner. She helped my wife with scheduling and attending a dress fitting with a difficult tailor. She helped us collect leftover liquor from our wedding that she took with her at the end of the night, that we were later able to return in order to save money. She was there to answer any questions, and was extremely valuable the final weeks prior to the wedding, and even more so on the wedding day. Overall, our wedding day went off without a hitch, in large part due to Sonya's work! - 10/14/17 Nitin

***If you are deciding whether to hire Sonya or not, you NEED to hire her as your planner. She was our month of planner for our wedding and I cannot express in enough words how great she is. She was there for me and helped with anything that I needed. She came to my dress fitting and took care of our florist when there was a slight issue. I am so grateful to have had her, she helped de-stress me leading up to the wedding and helped make it absolutely perfect! My whole family and all my friends just kept saying "We need Sonya at our wedding!" I can't express enough how wonderful she was! You will not be disappointed, she really is the best! -7/28/18 Liz

***My daughter hired Sonya for her wedding and it was one of the best decisions she made! Sonya is smart, professional, efficient, and a genuinely lovely person. Her knowledge, creativity, and tireless energy helped us through all problems that arose along the way. To have Sonya handle the day of details made everything go smoothly. As mother of the bride, I had no worries - she was there from early morning to end of wedding, kept us on schedule (her very detailed schedule) and handled anything that arose. I highly recommend Sonya for any event - she is absolutely amazing and because of her efforts, the wedding was fabulous for us! -Holly P

***My husband I got married at the Drake Hotel on 8/4/18 and are so thankful we hired Sonya for our day-of planner! She is truly living out her passion - you can tell she loves what she does, because she dedicates so much time to making her events absolutely perfect! She was always very responsive to my constant questions, and gave me so much valuable advice. One thing I will always remember is my mehndi party. She brought a ton of decor (which was not part of her contract at all), and helped my mom and her friends decorate and plan the mehndi. It was perfect!! Do not hesitate hiring Sonya for any event you may have! Even though we only hired her for planning, from what I’ve seen of her decor skills, she excels at that too! Thanks Sonya, we miss our daily communication!! -8/4/18 Shifali-

***My husband and I originally planned on getting a day of coordinator. However, as we slowly started booking our vendors (and going over budget), we decided we could handle everything on our own. Fast forward to a couple of months before the wedding and I was so stressed out I wasn’t even looking forward to the big day anymore! We decided to meet with Sonya and see what she had to offer. She got right down to business and was so helpful we immediately decided we needed to book her ASAP! After she left our initial consultation, I already felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders! We paid her the deposit that evening and she jumped right in! She helped with decorations for my parent’s house and the church, she helped with music suggestions, and most important—she helped with the dreaded detailed timeline (just to name A FEW)! I cannot begin to explain how helpful, professional, honest, and fun Sonya was. She was truly a blessing in my time of need and allowed us to enjoy our special day that flew by way too quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend her for wedding planning services. She was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond any expectations I had!! Thank you so much, Sonya! You are the BEST!! - 11/12/16 Dalya

***I don’t know if we would’ve gotten through this wedding without Sonya. Before we chose our venue, she was very helpful in suggesting places, researching alternatives and even drove my mother from the suburbs to help accommodate our busy schedules. She was always prompt and responsive. We ended up booking Harold Washington Library. While it’s a beautiful venue, they have some restrictions for vendors and limitations on space and timing (the venue closes to public at 5pm and the wedding had to start at 6pm to get to dinner and dancing at a reasonable time) With a 1 hour time span you have to be very organized and efficient to get things done, which she did without a hitch. She also helped us pick out our photographer and DJ, both of which we loved and have a separate reviews for as well (Thanks DJ Beatguru/Aumir and Christina G Photography) When we were having issues with floral, Sonya stepped in big time, took charge and we couldn’t be happier with the end product. We highly recommend her and she was instrumental in making the wedding day run flawlessly. - ​Roh;it & Erin